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Monster Board

Monster Board

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Skateboard Setup
Wall Hangers

Experience the pinnacle of skateboarding with our 7-Ply 100% Canadian Maple Deck featuring a stunning High-Resolution graphic that adds both style and substance to your ride.

Crafted with precision, the deck boasts an 8-1/4 shape, providing the ideal balance between stability and maneuverability. Sized at 8.25 x 32.25 inches and featuring a medium concave, it caters to riders seeking a versatile and responsive experience on the streets or at the park.

Our completes are thoughtfully curated to elevate your skateboarding journey. Each set includes Jessup griptape for superior traction, reliable silver trucks for smooth turns, sleek blank white wheels for a sleek appearance, Independent bearings for enhanced speed, and standard hardware for durability.

But the experience doesn't end there. We understand the importance of showcasing your passion, even when your board is not in action. That's why each skateboard comes with a pair of wall hangers, allowing you to display your deck vertically or horizontally with ease. The package includes screws and anchors, ensuring a hassle-free installation process.

Choose excellence, choose style, and choose functionality – all embodied in our meticulously designed 7-Ply Canadian Maple Deck. Elevate your skateboarding game both on and off the streets.

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