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Florfatal Shop Skateboard

Florfatal Shop Skateboard

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Introducing our premium skateboard deck crafted with precision and style – a 7-Ply masterpiece made from 100% Canadian Maple. This deck boasts a vibrant and detailed high-resolution graphic, adding an artistic touch to your skating experience.

Designed with a versatile 8-1/4 shape, this skateboard deck measures 8.25 x 32.25 inches, providing the perfect balance of stability and agility. The medium concave ensures a responsive feel under your feet, making it ideal for various riding styles.

Our complete skateboard packages come with top-quality components, including Jessup griptape for optimal traction, sleek silver trucks for durability and smooth turns, blank white wheels for a clean aesthetic, Independent bearings for reliable speed, and standard hardware for secure assembly.

But the experience doesn't end there – each deck comes with two wall hangers, allowing you to display your skateboard vertically or horizontally with ease. The set includes screws and anchors for a hassle-free installation. Elevate your skateboard collection with a blend of craftsmanship, performance, and visual appeal that sets our 7-Ply Canadian Maple Deck apart from the rest.

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